About Quirky to the Core

  Hi, thank you for popping by to visit my site. 

I have built this website on …rock and rollllll ( sorry I break into song a lot, not that I can sing) I actually built it with the help of Google, without Google, WordPress help sites and the lovely folk who host my site https://www.daily.co.uk/ , this site would not exist. It has been hard but I think it is now ready and one feels more satisfied that I built this website ….on my ownnnnnnn well with help when I came across a hurdle that was too high….*insert loud applause*



You might be wondering who is behind Quirky to the Core, granted you may not but if you clicked on this page you must be a little curious, mustn’t you?

Well, I’m Louise, a small business owner in the North East of England, from Gateshead, in my last years of my 30’s, somebody definitely pressed “fast forward” on the last 8 years of my life.

My main career background is in exercise, I have a quite a few different qualifications including a Cancer rehab exercise specialist qualification.

My CV has many jobs including my first job as a floor waitress in a casino, by gum that was an eye opener, including jobs with the NHS, working in older adult care homes organising activities to setting up one of the first cancer exercise rehab programmes in the North East.

I have been self employed a few times with my exercise business in the past and my current business started in late 2014. One thing that I have always been, is creative and it was in my 30’s that the creativity began to unleash itself more.

In late 2014, actually it was Halloween, I attended my first craft event, a market in Consett, I sold nothing, I had my Mansacks, ciders and ales and a few cards that I had made. My overall name then was Bluebells & Gherkins, as I needed a name to link together all of the random things I made/ designed/ sold etc.,

I quite liked that I sold nothing, I didn’t at the time but I always tell that story if I meet someone just starting out trading who has a not so great event so that they don’t get disheartened and give up.

Fast forward a bit…..2017…

Quirky to the core was a name that took many a month to think of, I had a list of possible names in my head, I kept sharing them with people, thinking “I have found the name” a name that would suit my business, then I would think ” nope, not quite right” and then one day, a week before a meeting with a lovely writer for the Hexham Courant ( a local paper up North) the name popped into my head. It was the perfect name, it encompasses all that I do, as everything I do has a quirky element from my Mansacks to my “Once, twice, three wines a lady” range and it incorporates the cider element too.

This is the article for the Hexham Courant, there is a story behind that too, so many stories, you can see that in my blog, basically missed the photo shoot as I was meant to feature in their magazine but instead as I missed that due to rescuing Buster the sheep who is on the front of my cider, they printed this instead.




I love to design and take an idea in my head and turn it into something, I am self taught and I have realised in the last year or so that I love it. Basically anything you see ( apart from 2 logos, see below) so my current logos, my bags, cards, my business cards, my posters and the label for my first bottle of cider  ( I accidentally typed ” I designed my first bottle of sheep” there) were all made by me on Photoshop.  I must sing the praises of  Adobe Photshopit, it really is great, I pay £10 a month for it when using it, I have learned so much as again I had no experience of using it, again thanks go to Google.

The only thing that I haven’t designed was my first ever Mansack logo and my Tyne for  a Drink logo, the man in my Mansack logo is called Doug after his creator, the lovely Doug Dawson from Smokin Barbecue Co who sadly are no longer trading due to changing careers but he kindly designed them for me.

I have a head full of ideas, too many in fact, so I have to reign some in but expect more products in time and expect a snazzier website in time too.

Customer service:

This is one of the most important things to me, so if you have any questions, no matter how small or any queries, anything, please get in touch. If I make a mistake, please let me know and I will rectify it, I am human so I can make mistakes although I am one of those types that checks things again and again so hopefully no mistakes should be made.  Saying that I once sold £19 worth of products to a customer, he gave me £20, I gave him £19 back….so mistakes can be made, thankfully I realised after he had walked off and he had stopped and was chatting to his partner in what looked to be a state of confusion. All was rectified.

You are my customers, well hopefully you are if you decide to buy and making you happy is important to me, I can say now that if Quirky to the Core grows, customer service will be the thing that never changes negatively unlike some companies out there. I will never have new customer offers,  all offers will be for new and pre existing customers, I have never understood the large corporations forgetting the loyal customers and rewarding only the new customers with deals.

Contact form:

A bug bear of mine is when contact forms don’t work so if mine ever doesn’t work, I apologise in advance and I would be grateful if you could let me know please at admin@quirkytothecore.co.uk or via my Facebook page, the link is below, whenever you see a website link on my page, even though it doesn’t look like it will be a link that works, they all do, click it if you  want to go the link https://www.facebook.com/quirkytothecore/ 

I have lots more products to add, taking photos now so they shall be added soon.


Thank you and enjoy shopping.

Take care








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