Pop up Cider bar/ stall


Cider fans/ Event organisers behold, I can come to your events with my pop up Cider bar.


I have been popping up at events/ Festivals for the last few years in the North of England.

Events that I attend annually selling Ciders on tap alongside my stall include:


Mighty Dub Fest

                                                                                              499 Festival

Bellingham County Show

Hamsterley Music Festival

                                                                                     Clara Ale Festival

                                                                                      Crawcrook Fair

“Having a real cider bar at our festival creates a unique quirky to the core cider experience, and we shall be sure to invite Louise back to all our events” Bruce and Helen Emmett from Mighty Events Ltd.


All events that I attend have a fully stocked bar, I do not clash with these bars, I complement them.

  1. I bring approximately 10 different UK produced, artisan ciders ( varies with each event), ciders that were made with passion, ciders where I deal directly with the producers, I do not use a wholesaler. I have selected the ciders after trying them at various Beer Festivals, enjoyed drinking them and then I have linked up with the producer. Many bars tend to have a selection of lots of drinks and can’t necessarily supply as many ciders as I can, so I help to offer more choice for customers at your event. I also had my first Cider batch last year and my next one should be ready April/ May so I will be able to bring a small quantity of my own batch. ( small quantity as it is still early days, although there should be double the quantity to last year’s production)
  2. Some bars are also unable to stock as many ciders as I do, they potentially run the risk of having lots of cider waste, if they don’t sell it all, I do not have that problem as I attend many events throughout the year, selling the ciders and keeping Cider waste to a minimum.
  3. I can also help with bar queues, if there is just one bar at your event, that can mean that people spend a fair amount of time queuing, having my stall there can help to filter out the real cider fans, so reducing queue time for the other bar therefore more happy customers spending more time with drinks in their hands as oppose to spending more time standing in a queue.
  4.  My stall looks quirky, it stands out, now I have the Bell Tent I feel that I have found my perfect event space to showcase the products that I sell, I myself am quite quirky so it fits perfectly with me.
  5. I pride myself on amazing customer service, your customers will be served with a smile and I have customers who return to my stall every year.
  6. I use biodegradable cups at events and I also use Stack-Cups, the reusable, recyclable and stackable cups, where customers pay a deposit for a cup, they also receive a discount off their drinks by using the same cup during the event.
  7. This year I will have a 7m Bell Tent at events, this will house my pop up cider bar and my barrels, I was very excited to finally find some aged Whisky barrels which can be used as tables for customers.

                       I love attending events with my stall and I can not wait for the Summer events to start.

If you think that I would be a great extra addition to your event or if you have any questions, please do get in touch via admin@quirkytothecore.co.uk .








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