Once, Twice, three wines a lady range

Sing with me, actually before we sing together, if you don’t know who Lionel Ritchie is, google him and the song he wrote called “once, twice, three times a lady” , play a little bit of the song and then …..

So now we are all ready, let us sing “you’re once, twice, threeeeeeee wines a lady” , this is my registered trademark, I came up with the line when designing some bottle bags for Valentine’s Day, after many days of thinking of quirky slogans this one popped into my head, in fact I sang the line. Then with every idea you have to check that no-one else has already had the same idea,  it appeared that no-one had or if they had they hadn’t thought of using it on products in the way that I did, so I applied for the trademark and here we are.

I have personally designed all of the items, ideas pop into my head and then I start designing. I print the bottle bag labels and hand stitch them onto the bags, these can be personalised, so please do get in touch to discuss any ideas that you may have.

With regards to the cards, shopping bags and mugs, these were printed by talented UK printing businesses as I lack the equipment and technical knowledge to do this.

New products are constantly being added.

Here is my Etsy Shop for this range.


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