If Carlsberg did Bingo, this would be it, probably the best bingo in the world! (see small print)

(small print – I have only ever attended Bingo in the Bongo’s Bingo style, so I can not compare it to any other Bingo games yet I have a feeling, that even if I did attend another style of Bingo, I would still think the same!) Bongo’s Bingo….have you heard about it yet? If not, […]

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Cider making

Hello, gosh where on earth has  this year gone? It was honestly Christmas 2016 just two weeks ago in my mind….I always remember the School holidays when I was young and they lasted an eternity, as did a Maths lesson in GCSE years but now I sneeze and we are 4 months further on than […]

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Walk the sheep cider

I INTRODUCE TO YOU ( it is in capitals as I AM SHOUTING THIS TO YOU IN A VERY EXCITED VOICE) …..*INSERT A VERY LOUD DRUM ROLL”….. WALK THE SHEEP CIDER *INSERT LOUD APPLAUSE OR CLAP MANICALLY AT  THE SCREEN* Did anyone clap manically at the screen? High five if you did!   Choosing a name for the […]

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What happens when you are driving to a photo shoot for your new business and you find a sheep in the road?

(Please note, my  website is still a work in progress)     Well today was going to be an exciting day, I was heading off to Langholm to see the man I call the Cider Guru aka Chris Harrison from Waulkmill Cider to have a photoshoot with him for the Hexham Courant for my cider which […]

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