Changes are afoot!

Evening all, how are we?


How has 2018 been for you? 2018 has been a busy year for me but also quite tiring, I, as many of you know, I had a period of working 3 jobs alongside my business. This was being juggled okay but then I realised that I actually had less energy to do non work things, I was going from one role to the next, it was like hopping off one treadmill to another and then onto another, with much less grace than this man !


On my Birthday night out, I actually nearly fell asleep, which is so not me, as anyone will tell you, I am the person who does not wish to go home until the music stops, yet I had worked every day for quite a few weeks, from apple collecting, to working in 3 of my jobs, to doing some online orders to then the actual apple pressing day  which from the time I left the house to getting home was a 19 hour day, I think I hit the wall that week!

Anyway, I am heading onto a new path 


Recently at one of my jobs I ran an event for older adults, it was at this event that I realised that I miss helping older adults, I had such a rewarding afternoon with 100% job satisfaction, so much so that I went online to have a hunt to see if there were any jobs with more hours in this field and the first job that I saw could not have been anymore up my street, well, I mean it could have, as it could have been a job in my actual street but you know what I mean!


Anyway, so the job that I saw advertised, I spent some time researching the company first, to find our more about them ( what else would you be researching them for Louise?!!!), they are a social enterprise who have positively improved the lives of so many older adults and they sing from the same hymn sheet as myself. This is the organisation I shall be working for

I have not wanted a full time job, I was not looking for a full time job, in fact I worked out that my last full time job was back in 2008, when I was working for the NHS on an exercise rehabilitation programme. Yet as of next week I am starting full time employment again, it has all been a little bit of a whirlwind as it has happened so fast and I had the offer within a day of the face to face interview and I start tomorrow. I am EXCITED for many reasons, also nervous, naturally so, yet nerves can be a good thing, can’t they? 


The reasons that I am excited:

1: This is because of who I am going to be working for, they are a positive and fun organisation and they are making a difference to the lives of so many older adults. The services which they deliver are very much needed as I have worked first hand in organising and delivering activities for older adults, in a variety of roles and settings, to do the job right it takes a lot of time, as every resident/ tenant is an individual and not everyone is able to enjoy or likes the same activity. I think that this can sometimes be forgotten.

2: I will be helping older adults again, not directly but I will be working with the people who can positively change the lives of the people that they work with.

3: It is as if all of my experience has lead to this role, I have worked with older adults in a variety of roles during my working life, for the NHS on the exercise rehabilitation programme, on the elderly wards at a local Hospital, in the community, I have organised activities in many settings and I had my own exercise business. Now is the time to jump on board the OOMPH bus ( not onto their actual bus, they do have many OOMPH buses that take many older adults on trips though) and  be part of their organisation helping to make positive changes for more older adults, in even more locations.

It is evident that OOPMH! Wellness embraces everyone’s unique qualities and they make sure that this is at the core ( I can always throw an apple rated link in) of the work that they do, when working with organisations who work with older adults. 

Another reason that I knew I would like to work for them, was their “Meet the Team” part of the website, they have photos of the team with fun quotes about the person underneath, again showing that they embrace individuality in everything that they do! With my job offer I was also told that I would be able to have my Birthday off every year and a duvet day, could this be the perfect company?

It will be a big leap for me, going into full time work but ironically I will probably work less hours and I shall have more structure. My business will still be going, Mother Parker may be brought on board to ship my internet orders in time, yet the delivery time will just be a few days longer for a short period. I am also hoping to be online for more of my products by the Spring, including cider, if approved. I shall also have more time on the evenings, so along with some new hobbies, I shall be writing more.


THANK YOU again for all of your support to my little business, a “like”, a share, a comment, a purchase, they all help my little business to remain and to grow.





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