North the apple nosed Cideer

North the apple nosed cideer


This is my second batch  of Cider, well in this case CIDEER ( see what I did there?!)  The first was “Walk the Sheep” which was amazing.

Anyway, this batch is made of apples donated by lovely folks from the North East of England, most of  which  I collected with my own spade like hands.

Alas as I let Mother Nature do the work, this batch is not a patch on batch one ( poet!) due to the apple mix, every year/ experience  is a learning curve. The apples were pressed at Waulkmill Cider, in Langholm. Nothing has been added, although there is a bitter sweet version too which has had some Scottish cider added into the mix.

Batch 3 is fermenting as you read this & has a great selection of apples so I am sure batch 3 will be on a par with batch 1, I just know it!

If you buy one, you know that it is made with apples from the beautiful North East of England, including Gateshead, Throckley, Corbridge, Ponteland and more places. It contains apples that I collected or had donated, I helped to press them, so it was made with love ;-). And how cute is North the apple nosed Cideer? 😉




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