Cider making

Hello, gosh where on earth has  this year gone? It was honestly Christmas 2016 just two weeks ago in my mind….I always remember the School holidays when I was young and they lasted an eternity, as did a Maths lesson in GCSE years but now I sneeze and we are 4 months further on than we were before I sneezed, or so it feels!


Anyway, I have just uploaded my video from a few months ago when I went up to see Chris and his Team at Waulkmill Cider HQ.

I have to apologise in advance for

  1. My voice, gosh it really does not sound good on film, why has no-one ever told me, IN MY 38 YEARS, that I sound like a chipmunk ( Alvin, Simon style chipmunk not a real one) who has been inhaling helium?
  2.  My vocabulary or lack of be prepared for ” fab” “fabulous” “that is fabulous”  eurghhhhhh, note to self, read a dictionary when you  have a few moments!
  3. My nervous giggles, my stupid waffling, oh my word….sorry I really did think long and hard before posting this hence the warning… watch this at your own peril.

It was a very ad hoc video as you may be able to tell, I took my camera up to just get a few photos but instead thought ” Ooh I could film a bit” and a bit more.

Basically for those that don’t know, I had my first batch of cider this year and it was called “Walk the sheep” Cider, of which I had approximately 300 bottles and a few 5 litre bag in boxes for Mighty Dub Fest and Hamsterley Music Festival. Alas a few bottles did not survive, they departed this Universe in style mind, by their lids popping off. I pretty much accidentally made champagne in 30 or so bottles as I made a cider school girl error. I pasteurised them all before heading off  to the summer events but I actually did not do them all at once, in fact I forgot for a bit that I had some more bottles and by the time I had remembered, these forgotten bottles had continued to ferment, quite majorly so.

Being a novice, I began to pasteurise them……the following sounds were heard ” Bang, bang, bang” as they all, practically similtaneously popped their lids and out popped the cider, the urn smelled so good though!


So I shall never make that mistake ever again, it is good to make mistakes in the first year.


I was so happy with the feedback received about “Walk the sheep” and can not wait for next year’s batch to be ready.



The next batch:


The next batch has no name as of yet but I have a few ideas milling away or pressing away sounds more apt, it should be ready April/ May time.

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE THAT WAS KIND ENOUGH TO LET ME HAVE SOME OF THEIR APPLES. Here are some of them, I really did see a great selection of beautiful apple trees this year.

After collecting some apples from some very lovely people,  I hired a van and headed up to Waulkmil Cider in Langholm.

I set off to beautiful Langholm, I had aimed to be there for 10.30 am, the A69 was closed from Acomb so I had to drive up the Miltary road and then a lorry got stuck on a hill so we all had to wait to get past so I arrived late.


There must have been approximately 20 crates of apples that were washed ready to begin their process to become apple juice and start their journey to becoming part of ciderrrrr.


I did not press the juice alone, I had Jonathon who helps Chris, he did most of the work, I scratted, prepared the Cheeses ( the stacks of apple pulp that are then pressed to release the juice), pressed some juice but due to arriving late and daylight running out and with being a novice I was too slow, so Jonathon had to jump back onto pressing.


So here is the video…..I cringe…I cringe at my voice…….



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